Tour The Ruhr, cover of the book


Finally the 4th updated and enlarged edition of the popular guide “TOUR THE RUHR” has arrived in store! If you have ever given consideration to visit the Ruhrgebiet, just take a moment and have a look at this brilliant guide. As the author, Roy Kift gave his eye teeth for presenting the Ruhrgebiet as charming, funny and informative as he does.

[ruhr-guide] The Ruhrgebiet – a diversified vacation along the Ruhr. Doesn’t itTour The Ruhr, cover of the book sound like a good idea? The 256 paged guide leads the reader through a world of a unique area placed in the west of Germany. “TOUR THE ROUR” isn’t just a typical guide which depicts how many sights and museums are available for a visit. The main point of the courier is to inform the reader about how to get the best and cheapest tickets for the transport, how to find an individual excursion or even a day trip for free and likewise how to spend the evening in a large unknown city. As much as possible even on a low budget.


The guide “TOUR THE ROUR” is split into two parts. The first section presents the most important basic information for visiting the Ruhrgebiet. Just imagine – A new city, a lot of recent impressions and a lost orientation. Where to go and what to do? Eventually and luckily found the train station but where is the entrance? What means “Ausgang”, “Zusatzticket” or “Kombiticket”? How do I stop the bus? Do I always have to press the “Stop” button to get out at my station? These and a lot of more questions are answered in a charming and amusing way in the new guide of the KLARTEXT-Verlag. Furthermore Roy Kift points out his twelve personal highlights. In addition to „The North Duisburg Landscape Park“ almost four pages of impressive pictures also illustrate “The Old Henrichenburg Shiplift Waltrop” and “The Maximilian Park Hamm”. Moreover the symbol of a red circle with a white star in the middle stands for a “Top Twelve Highlight” and leads the reader through the book.


The second part of “TOUR THE RUHR” explores in ten well-considered chapters the incomparable variety of the Ruhrgebiet. While Duisburg and Mülheim an der Ruhr are placed under the heading “Walking on Water”, Essen as one of the largest cities in the middle of the Ruhrgebiet is assigned to the title “The Powers of Heaven and Earth”. The Cultural Capital in 2010 owes its title by the fundamental industrial history. For Roy Kift it is also important to give information about significant historic details about the individual cities. Moreover the author points out that the Ruhrgebiet is not just a unique place in Germany, it is an incomparable, beautiful area on earth. However you feel like going out for having a romantic dinner or a crazy night in the club in the evening– “TOUR THE RUHR” supervises you on every step you want to go.


“TOUR THE RUHR”, written by Roy Kift, is definitely a guide for everyone. Depending on whether you are spending your time rather off or with a heap of culture. In addition to museums and sights “TOUR THE RUHR” demonstrates a huge spectrum of night life such as discos, bars and restaurants. Whether particular attractions and excursions are made for all the family or even for handicapped people there is a self-explanatory symbol next to each article. For those ones who would like to look the symbols up, all of them can be found on page five at the beginning of the guide.


Year of Publication: 2011
Publisher: KLARTEXT
Language: English
Pocketbook: 256 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-3884748152
Price: 11, 50 €

Foto: © KlARTEXT Verlag

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